Hello all users on Old AnimasterTube, we made the announcements for the Old AnimasterTube website.


but... Old AnimasterTube website will be updated and will change the name to Old CyanmasterTube.


And... the last update will coming in Jan 4th 2022.


Well, the website will be abandoned on Jan 4th 2022, This means that Old AnimasterTube is not getting new update anymore...


CyanmasterTube is not going to be abandoned on Jan 4th 2022. But Old AnimasterTube is not gonna shut down anymore.


Anyway, Thank you for read.


- Cyanmaster

Instantly find and watch 100's of fast streaming videos. Quickly upload and tag in almost any format.  Easily share our website (and/or your content) with family, friends, or co-workers.

Note: This is Old AnimasterTube Website.

Make sure to sign up your account on Old AnimasterTube or CyanmasterTube

Another Note: The old website name will be changed to new name in Jan 4th 2022.


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