FAQ in Old AnimasterTube

Q: I can't activate my account! It doesn't work!

A: You need to use your real email, if doesn't work, try to use your emails. (or we will send new activation email if does work.)

Q: I lost my password and can't login my account, is it possible to reset it?

A: Yes but we have to change the username of your account. But if you want to reset, you have to go to gmail (or mail website, if you don't use gmail) and check if you receive a message to reset your password.

Q: I can't change my username, how do I change it?

A: You need to contact Animaster or other admins to change it.

Q: can i archive videos?

A: Yes but shouldn't be as a YouTube link

Q: Can I upload copyrighted videos?

A: You shouldn't upload any form of copyrighted videos unless you have an permission from that said person or it is as a Youtube video form.

Q: Can i reupload someone's videos

A: No, unless you have a permission from that person or it is a YouTube video form.

Q: do i report the video or user that's violates the rules?

A: You can report the video or user that's violate the rules, you can contact Animaster, mods and admins on Old AnimasterTube or Contact Animaster, Mods and Admins on Discord if you have reported.

Q: How do i download Old AnimasterTube Videos?

A: Go to someone's video page and then download it.

Q: How do i delete my account?

A: You can't delete your account.