AnimasterTube 3.0 - Apr 19, 2020


Hey everyone, this website is finally 3.0, also, no ads!!! have a good day!

Thank you for reading!

- Animaster


Welcome to AnimasterTube 2.0 - Mar 19, 2020


This is new update of our site AnimasterTube, We added blogs, groups, ect. Remember, do not forget to archive this site used wayback machine, new admins are imboisguys and AJ (alexanderjt), thank you for supporting and joined our website.

We're going to upload a new video to Vlare, YouTube, BitView and VidLii about this site called "Test Video of AnimasterTube" tomorrow.

See you next time!

- Animaster

New Features from AnimasterTube! - Jan 29, 2020

Hey everyone, we added our features, discussion, contact and new rules, i hope you have enjoy this site, we needs to reach 20 members, also the discord server will be opened since feb 12, 2020. if you have a proof.

What's coming soon?

  • The Official AnimasterTube Discord Server (Coming in Feb 12, 2020)
  • Our XAT Chat in AnimasterTube (CANCELLED)
  • New 2 Emojis will be added soon.
  • New Contest will soon
  • Events

Thank you for reading our blog!

see you next update, bye!

- Animaster

New Feature! - Jan 12, 2020

Hey everyone, i added the featured videos, featured videos is here on my site, thank you for reading!

- Animaster